Gabriel Andrade


Still waters, deep convictions

• Poised and articulate
• Cares more than you know
• Anticipates, always two steps ahead

Gabe is a guy who truly likes just about everyone. Easy to say, sometimes more difficult to live. But not for Gabe. Cutting his teeth in the demanding hospitality industry, Gabe quickly nabbed a reputation for stellar customer service. Anticipating desires. Delighting the discerning. Handling every request with attentive, responsive care. What better training ground for one of Aspen’s most promising brokers? An avid student of human nature, Gabe can ferret out a buyer’s true desires. He can anticipate the unspoken, help you articulate, surprise you with options. His handshake is his word and his word is gold. His philosophy is simple: be patient, be virtuous, be consistent in everything. Know what you’re doing, and do it better than anyone else. If you don’t know the answer, find out fast. Gabe’s work ethic was shaped early, and his need for challenge provides a daily dose of adrenaline that fuels his quest to be the best at what he does. But don’t expect ego or attitude. Rather anticipate an intense listener and a thoughtful soul who can also be the guy to kick it up on his Harley or invite you to an evening of reggae. This street-smart New Yorker recently made Aspen his home, and he’s passionate about both his craft and living here. It’s no surprise that Gabe is one of our community’s rising real estate stars – he has the clearest definition of service around. But you won’t hear that from him. What he does, he does from the heart.

Instinctive understanding of high-caliber residential property. | Discreet, assured, confident. | Street smarts meet a rock-solid work ethic – it’s not done till it’s done. | Loves details. Loves clients. Incredibly focused. | Super dedicated and loves the information he can bring to others. | Gabe is a thinker, and quiet waters run deep.


Fine points

Born in Ecuador. Spanish is his first language | Moved to Queens in NYC at age 5 | Married to Maggie Breen. Falls in love with her every day – she’s beautiful and unbelievably smart. | Inspired by his parents’ work ethic and optimism | Compares his life to Coming to America, the movie | Celebrates seeing his parents become first-time homeowners late in life | Most optimistic about his future and his marriage | Most surprising talent Whiz-bang domino player | Passions Loves reggae, reads multiple books simultaneously, riding his Harley in rare spare time | Creed You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Email GAbE | C: 374.724.4886 | O: 970.925.5400

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