Mark Lewis


it’s not about me

• Takes work seriously, himself lightly
• Boundary buster, explorer, pathfinder
• The one in the room who says it out-loud


Mark, a humble Midwestern guy in an I-Me-My business, whose least favorite activity is focusing on himself.
He may never tell you: That year after year, he’s a top 5% producer, with a 2+ decade work history that reads more like mutual devotion in action. Clients keep him close, transaction after transaction, generation after generation. They say: Mark’s trustworthiness is impeccable. And: Whatever he works on, he transcends. And: Have never spoken with Mark and not heard the smile on his face. We say: He’s known as a broker’s broker. And: He’s an incredibly clever, creative strategic thinker – one of his winning cards. Negotiates with finesse, verve, and heart. Mark’s been with our company from the start because, “I like being surrounded by people who’d give away the last life jacket.” To that we say, “Mark, it takes one to know one.”


Over two decades of experience, working with a diverse, global clientele. | A diligent work ethic and deep knowledge of the local real estate market. Even deeper insight – no fluff, no bull. | A problem-solver extraordinaire and a loyal, tireless advocate for his clients. | Having lived in the valley most of his adult life, Mark knows not just the houses and land, but which windows reveal the best sunset, the most brilliant alpenglow. And why the breakfast nook may be the most romantic of places. | Steeped in Midwestern values, Mark is the epitome of integrity, honesty and responsibility.| Repeatedly voted Aspen’s favorite realtor.


Fine points

Born Mankato, Minnesota | Education Life-Travel-People | Book learning Colorado State, Mankato State Universities | Proud super dad to Cassie and Christian, the world’s most amazing children (ask him) | Song What A Wonderful World | Honor Chairman, Professional Standards Grievance Committee, a most respected position on the Aspen Board of Realtors | Escapes Mountains, woods or water. The highest points, the quietest places.


Email mark | C: 970.948.4734 | O: 970.923.2111

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