Mark Lewis

mark lewis

Fine points

born and raised in Mankato, Minnesota.

married to Lara with two children, Cassie and Christian. 

attended Colorado State and Mankato State Universities.

when he's not working he's a very devoted dad and domestic engineer.

what brought him to this area was his spirit of adventure.

what has kept him here since 1980 is the unparalleled quality of life on more levels than you can count.

you can get him involved in anything athletic, as long as he's in the mountains, the woods or on water.


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I approach every transaction with the intention of topping your highest expectations of me. And you'll find that I succeed. I make sure the only surprises you get are good surprises by stalking the unexpected and shooting for perfection. Real estate is my life, clients are my fuel. I work with people from many countries, many backgrounds, and after over 25 years in this valley, I could tell you the names of most of their kids and grandkids. They become part of my life. I conduct their business as if it were my own. I help to open people's eyes to find them precisely what they need, by looking beyond the obvious.


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