positively brilliant

• Latest, greatest: he brought Berkshire Hathaway to our door
• Inventor, a light bulb, stat master, poet
• He’ll find a way
• Wait! I see an inch of space I can do something with!


Michael is the owner, president, rock and glue of this company – which doesn’t begin to explain what he actually does every day. Architect, designer, tech geek, statistician, chef, writer, entrepreneur, conflict manager – we need another office for half the hats he wears. Ingenious. Michael can change channels quickly and has a seemingly endless number of them. He’s forever coming up with more ways we can exceed client expectations. Plus, he makes a helluva great pie.


We say: Michael’s invented so many brilliant systems for our office that, yes, he finally had to create a system to keep track of the systems. And: Ask him for help with anything: signs, life issues, Excel spreadsheets, bear problems – he’ll deal. And: Michael cares deeply. And we know it.


Fine points

born and raised in SoCal, educated in a variety of states and countries | Married to BJ Adams | PROUD UNCLE and GODFATHER of nine. author of several dozen poems, which he's compiling into a book in partnership with his best friend from high school, a second-career photographer. gave up plans to be a computer programs troubleshooter for NASA the first time he saw Aspen. the only one of us who speaks Thai! loves cars, especially fast ones, has raced both Porsches and motorcycles. 3 favorite spots on earth are Aspen, Big Sur and Tuscany.

Email michael | C: 970.379.2177 | O: 970.923.2111

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