SNOWMASS village

Neighborhoods of the Roaring Fork Valley

Come. Grab a chair and get to know our neighborhoods. For a closer look, order your copy of Shelter, the most in-depth, town-by-town guide that gives you (among other things) facts, figures, personal interviews and a straight look into the soul of every town in the valley we call home.


Forget the media myth of Aspen as glitzy, star-studded, aloof, rich-only, snob central, and so forth. Every time we hear about this other Aspen, this other Snowmass, we want to yell. Hey! Over here!


Sure, we've got the stars and the ever-so-shiny, but that's not what we call life.Birdhouse


Life is...on a good day, seeing a fox on the way to work. And it sees you back. Meeting a few friends for coffee. Powering up legendary trails, down slopes the world envies, under a sky so beyond blue, we find it tough to translate later.


At night, forget small town and sip the world. We've got first-rate jazz. Festivals that bring the finest design, food, dance, music. Cuisine that's multi-star inventive, yes, but it often gets its oomph from local farms and ranches. Let the world's greatest minds catch you by surprise. Or stay home with family, friends and a woodburning fire, knowing you're exactly where you want to be.


Neighborhoods matter. What you see from your kitchen window...matters.


So does where your kids play, your distance from a bookstore, the height of surrounding trees, who lives in the next house, the sounds from the creek - it all matters. Take a closer look at the places and towns we love and live best.


After your tour, stroll over to our Aspen or Snowmass offices and continue exploring. Coffee's fresh, cookies are warm, we're here for you.


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