SNOWMASS village

what your money buys in aspen


$130,000 - Front row seat in a condo at Buttermilk's base. Absolutely nothing stand in between you and the slopes.

$500,000 - An elegant one bedroom with high style and a pool. All character, no cookie box.

$1,000,000 - Roomier two bedroom in the heart of Aspen for spur-of-the-moment gondola access, night life and day play

$5,000,000 - Quit dreaming and find a new home in the famous West End, where the wealthiest mine owners once lived.

$7,000,000 - A contemporary home fit for even the most critical eye. Perfection is right here.

$47,000,000 - Own one of the most coveted and historical properties in Aspen. An estate worthy of a king or queen.

and what your money can't buy


Playing in the Mill Street fountain

Fourth of July fireworks

Corduroy-smooth cross-country trails at the golf course

A gallery stroll at the Red Brick Arts Center

Lawn seating at the Aspen Music Festival


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